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How I did $500,000 on Airbnb without owning a single property


No Experience Needed

It’s crazy to look back 2 years ago today. I was just learning about short term rentals and how to make money through AirBnB. I was pretty clueless but very interested in this new and trendy way to travel.

I started YouTubing a bunch of content on what the industry calls a “Rental Arbitrage” which is essentially just leasing out an apartment and then re-renting the same space for more money.  I came across a webinar on the BnB Formula while trying to learn more about making money through AirBnB. Throughout the hour-long webinar not only did I learn more about the ins and outs of making money on AirBnB but also how I could get started with a rental arbitrage in my city and be profitable within weeks! I was hooked!


I am real-life proof! 

With no experience and just a bunch of youtube videos under my belt, I bought the BnB Formula Course and began their step by step blueprint to creating passive income through AirBnB without owning a single property. 


I will never forget my first Airbnb reservation in April 2018 for $60.00 for just one night. From following exactly what the course showed me and the materials they provided, in my first calendar year, I finished with $111,674.00 in revenue. During my second year, I finished with $558,205.00 in revenue. I kid you not, they gave me everything I needed! I am extremely grateful for Brian, his team and all the support they gave me throughout the process.

Today & Beyond

I’ll never look back. Today, I have 20 listings in Pittsburgh on Airbnb and growing! I do this full time with my business partner, full-time property manager and six cleaners. Brian Page and the BNB Formula do everything possible for all of their students to succeed. They hold your hand along the way and help you create financial freedom! The only thing I had to do was TAKE ACTION and listen to them step by step… which is exactly what I did! 

Learn from others and see for yourself. The webinar alone is super interesting and very informative! Definitely check it out, commit, and keep grinding! 

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