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Extra Plush Pillows

What is it?

A 4-pack of standard plush pillows for the beds and to keep in the closet.​

Value Add

  • Pillows are a hot topic in reviews. We discovered that it was a HUGE mistake to provide guests with just the bare minimum number of pillows.

  • We now place four pillows for each bed along with two additional in the closet.

  • When guests request additional pillows, we now have a quality, affordable solution that we can standardize a reply for: “Yes, of course, I put two spares in each closet for you with a fresh pillowcase:-)

  • This creates a better guest experience and shows you are focusing on their comfort.  Some people like to prop their head up to read or bring pillows to the living room to watch a movie. Guests now have ample pillows to do what they want.

Guest Reviews


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