White Noise Machine

What is it?

A simple, clean 6-sound white noise machine that you can place on the nightstand next to the bed.​

Value Add

  • Every guest has had a different expectation for “noise” at night.

  • After feedback ranging from “Perfect sleep, very quiet unit.” to “Very loud, difficult to sleep at night.”, we decided to experiment a little.

  • We added a bedside noise machine in 3 units and tracked communication & reviews over the next 100 reservations. The results were awesome:

  1. Guests that were sensitive or picky about noise were able to sleep more comfortably.

  2. Noise-related messages prior to the stay gave us a competitive advantage. We answered the questions and provided a great solution.

  3. Many guests showed gratitude, excitement, and positive feedback about using the sleep machine after their stay. ​

  • Some guests even said they wish every Airbnb had them! That's when we knew we had to put them by every bed across all of our listings.

Guest Reviews